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Why should you consider StrawHat as your talent resource?

  • We're in New York City!!! Come cast your season, hire talented staff tech design candidates, research your productions in Lincoln Center, see the Broadway and off Broadway shows you may be doing next season!
  • We audition over 700 non-Equity actors, from undergraduates and MFA's to mature actors.
  • We post your specified Acting and Staff/Tech/Design job listings.
  • We include links to your site for up-to-date information on production plans & schedules.
  • You post your own callbacks, and re-audition or interview actors in your own private callback room. Actor auditions this year are a mix of song and monologue, monologue only, a general dance call; and a special dancer audition for dancers who sing.
  • You can preview and pre-cast actors from the information on our site: searchable actor profiles, pictures, resumes, video and audio. You can search for actors based on over 100 criteria, from roles and shows to pant size and the color of their eyes!
  • You can review staff tech applicants from our website and interview them in your callback room. Contact information, resumes and portfolios are on our site for your review; and you have access to archives of past staff tech design alumni.
  • The auditions are videotaped and are available as a DVD set to attending theatres for review or for organizations who may not be able to attend but wish to use the video and the website for their casting needs.
  • Auditions are held in the spacious, fully equipped Michael Schimmel Center at Pace University in New York City, home to the Actors' Studio MFA program and Bravo's Inside the Actors' Studio.

Applications are available NOVEMBER 1ST! Click on the links at the upper right
to begin your online registration and create your company profile. Once you've completed your form, print out and complete the registration/payment form and mail it to us. It's that easy.

For additional information or answers to any questions, contact us by email at or phone us at 203-254-8572. We look forward to hearing from you, and to the opportunity to work with you this spring.

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