StrawHat Auditions for Actors and Staff, Tech, Design.
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StrawHat Auditions for Actors and Staff, Tech, Design.


The StrawHat Auditions were held in NYC
at Pace University, on March 19, 20 and 21!

Registrations are closed for Performers, Staff Tech Design and Theatres.
Thank you all who participated in another GREAT 'HAT'!

Welcome to The StrawHat Auditions!

"With StrawHats taking place in the most artistically prominent city in the country, it's truly 'one-stop shopping' for serious and gifted actors and technicians"

Scott LaFeber, Emerson College BFA Musical Theatre Faculty, Director.

Weathervane Theatre Patchwork Players 2015
Wicked Witch of the West: Kansas or Bust

Andrew Flynn* as the Lion, Serge Clivio as the Tin Man, Rachael Mou-Thiel* as Dorothy, and Justin Glass* as the Scarecrow.

Directed by Michael Sheehan**
Photo courtesy of Mark Winter.
denotes StrawHat performers