StrawHat Auditions for Actors and Staff, Tech, Design.
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StrawHat Auditions for Actors and Staff, Tech, Design.

The 2015 StrawHat Auditions will be held at Pace University in NYC!

Actor Applications Are Closed!
Applications for Staff-Tech and Theatres/Producers are OPEN.
Members Area is Open.
2/3/15: Staff Tech: Applications and Portfolio Materials will be open up to Februrary, Friday the 13th (Hmm...). Confirm that your profile is complete and your resume is linked to your page. There is no fee to post photos, video or audio to your application. Please email your materials to
2/3/15: Theatres: APPLICATIONS FOR THEATRES ARE OPEN... send your application (or go online) and email your theatre description sheets.

Welcome to The StrawHat Auditions!

"With StrawHats taking place in the most artistically prominent city in the country, it's truly 'one-stop shopping' for serious and gifted actors and technicians"

Scott LaFeber, Emerson College BFA Musical Theatre Faculty, Director.

2008 Forestburgh Playhouse's Oklahoma
Chris LeBeau, Kimberly Hirst*, Kate Schwarz, Jeremy Reese*, Alex Cutler, Ariana Sepulveda, Caitlyn Pollack, Jake Delaney, Bonnie Rae Smalley*, Emity Borromeo*, Adam Levinskas, AEA Amy Decker, Jessica Wagner, AEA Allan Snyder, Leigh Wakeford, Jared Troilo, Michael Russo, David Topps, Cynthia Topps*, Steve Davis. Photo: Ron Nash.
*Denotes StrawHat performers